The NYCFTA is working with the City to bring NYC's vending laws up to the 21st century by:
1.) Legally incorporating food trucks into the streetscape, and
2.) streamlining the licensing process so new employees can get working in 2 weeks instead of 2 months
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The Parking Ticket Problem

Reliance on the weather. Early mornings spent prepping for long days in a hot truck. Completely dead hours alternated with lines of hungry customers two blocks long. All of these are par for the course in New York City’s food truck industry. But the most frustrating part of the business? The parking tickets.

New York City’s “no vending from a metered parking space” rule—also known as Department of Consumer Affairs Title 6, Chapter 2, Subchapter Aa, Section 2-304, which reads “a general vendor shall not display, sell or offer merchandise for sale from any vehicle parked at a metered parking space”—has caused quite a headache for the city’s thriving food truck scene. It’s a “crazy system,” says Gareth Hughes, founder of Dub Pies. “We’re granted a permit by [the] city to vend on any city street, but if we do so from a metered spot we get fined”—even if they pay the meter. “The tickets are one of the worst parts of the business,” says Yankee Doodle Dandy’s owner Josh Gatewood.

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