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We’re kicking off the week with with Guest Blogger of the Week Lea Faminiano!

Lea is the Food + Drink Editor for The Couch Sessions and she is also the blogger behind eatdrinkplayrepeat.  When she isn’t crafting a stellar guest blog post for us, she’s usually traipsing around New York City, exploring all its nooks and crannies, and always thinking about what she is going to eat next. After she finishes schooling you on some of your gluten-free food truck options in the city, keep up with her on Twitter @leafaminiano!

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Tired of mulling over menus full of gluten?  Stressed out about not being able to eat what everyone else can eat?  Bored with your gluten-less meal options?  Whether you have an allergy (like me), intolerance, are trying to eat healthy, or are just trying it out, here are a couple great NYC food truck options that will keep your gluten-free self satisfied.

My personal favorite gluten-free lunch truck is The Squeeze Truck (@TheSqueezeTruck)- the options are vast, creative, and intriguing.  I’ve had my eye on as the moc n’ cheese, which consists of sprouted quinoa pasta with raw cashew cheddar cheese.  On my recent visit I picked up the open faced meatloaf sandwich – the gluten-free bruschetta was the hook for me, it’s something you don’t see very often, or at all.  Topped with housemade pickles, vegetables, BBQ sauce, it was such a nice treat to have a delicious, out-of-the-box gluten-free meal.

The Squeeze Truck might be pricey (my sandwich was $10), but when it comes to your health (especially if you have an allergy or a severe intolerance) a few extra bucks is nothing for food that you know you, and your very grateful body, will thank you for.

Squeeze TruckThe Taim Mobile (@TaimMobile) is another big help on the non-gluten tip, tasty and filling Middle-Eastern lunch options, with their falafel as the star.  I believe authentic falafel is supposed to be gluten-free – however, many places are lame and use wheat flour for filler, and even if they don’t, they might be sneaky and commit cross-contamination with their frying oil, too.  Skip all that and get the real deal with one of their platters – just make sure you pass on the pita – and you’ll have a super filling, super delicious meal.

Taim MobileAs for some of the other gluten-free truck stars – Palenque (@Palenquefood) is one of my personal favorites to catch (you can find them at their Smorgasburg booth as well) and besides the seitan, chipotle chorizo and Italian chorizo toppings, you’re good to get anything else.


Tacos are usually safe to eat if you can be sure it’s on a corn tortilla – all of Mexico Blvd’s (@MexicoBlvd) tacos are gluten-free, except the steak taco.  Similarly, you can also pick up the Short Rib or Lime Chicken tacos from Mike N’ Willie’s (@MikenWillies) and their chips, salsa, and guacamole are safe for side dishes as well.  Miami Food Machine’s (@MiamiMachineNYC) got you covered with rice bowls – just not the tofu rice bowl.

Ice cream and other frosty treats are generally a safe bet anywhere, but only if you stray from any flavors with cookies or cake or gluten-filled danger, and get it served in a cup, not a cone.  Kelvin Natural Slush Co.’s (@KelvinSlush) truck flavors are all gluten-free – just stray from any of their beer/slush concoctions if you see one anywhere – though I’m guessing those are not likely to be on the streets!  My personal favorite is the Arnold Palmer with Mango.  Del’s Lemonade (@DelsNYC) is another safe bet, as are all of Andy’s Italian Ices (@AndysItalianIce) Water Ices (and some of their Creme Ices) and also any of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream’s (@Vlaic) standard menu flavors (just check before ordering a special flavor).

KelvinThen of course, there’s Coolhaus (@CoolhausNY), the truck that makes it a point to cater to the gluten-free by offering a delicious, I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Gluten Coconut Almond Cookie that you can fill with any gluten-less ice cream of your choice from their truck.

CoolhausA note: the items I mentioned are gluten-free, but there is no guarantee of no cross-contamination, so make sure you inform your server of whatever intolerance you may have (this goes for anything) so that he or she can take necessary precautions. Remember – if you’re in doubt about the content of gluten, don’t be afraid to ask.  Everyone wants you to enjoy the food, not suffer from it!  Happy gluten-free eating!

Guest Blogger of the Week: Why, it’s Rosemarie Gambetta!

Hello again, NYC! We’re back with another Guest Blogger and it’s none other than Rosemarie Gambetta of Cheap Eats, Inc. fame! We had so much positive feedback on her post last week that we knew you’d enjoy another. Take it away, Rosemarie!


If you owned a luxury car; what kind of fuel would you put in it? High grade? Low grade? High grade, of course. So why do so many of us power our bodies with low grade food? What if I told you that there is a food truck that will jump start your engine and help it run smoothly? Who is that food truck?

Deborah of Green Pirate Juice Truck courtesy of Cargo

Green Pirate Juice Truck is a brightly colored food truck that plays killer music and serves up a tasty plant and fruit-based menu. Their juices and smoothies are made fresh on the truck and can be made to order. For those with a bigger appetite, they also feature healthy treats and vegan brownies that are not only tasty but gluten-free plus Deborah shared some great news: They’re starting to offer vegan wraps and seasonal salads for lunch… Can you hear the applause?! The normal season for Green Pirate, is Spring & Summer, but to the delight of their fans, they will be opened until November.

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I had the honor of chatting with owner Deborah Smith to learn a little bit more about her truck and mission. Deborah is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she learned the importance of fruits and vegetables in our diet. The food we put in our bodies not only feeds us, it builds our immunity, helps to prevent diseases, fuels us and keeps us on our game. We know how necessary that is in this city!
I’m 100% on-board with all of this but had just one question for Deborah: Why open a food truck versus a brick and mortar shop? She made a great point: A free standing shop will only attract those already in the program but a food truck helps reach a larger audience and will attract not only those that already engage in this style, but those that just want to dip their toe in the water. Genius! And, if you’re thinking of doing a juice cleanse but are afraid to make the commitment, Green Pirate offers workshops and support groups to help you through the cleansing program. You won’t have to feel alone or left out of the rest of society because you’ll have supporters throughout the entire cleanse!

Thanks Green Pirate for proving once again that you can find a healthy food truck.

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